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Январь 2014 № 1(81)

Delayed Luminescence as an Optical Indicator of Tobacco Leaf Quality Люминесцентный оптический индикатор качества табачного листа

Пинг Ц. ., Леи Ж., Сонг-Цхенг М., Хинг Л., Фенг Ж., Цханг-Хаи С., Гуо-Куинг Т., Лие Л.

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In this paper, we present our study on the spectral discrimination between high and low quality tobacco leaves using a time-resolved ultraweak luminescence detection system. Photoinduced delayed luminescence (DL) is employed as a nondestructive and objective indicator of tobacco leaf quality. DL decay kinetics of tobacco leaf samples is measured, and the data are fitted by a hyperbolic cosecant function. Results show that the function’s parameter A is significantly related to the quality grades of tobacco leaves – compared with the low quality tobacco leaves, an increase of the A value by a factor of 7 is obtained for the high quality tobacco leaves. Research from this work contributes to the development of a novel optical method applicable for the quality evaluation of agricultural crops and food products.
Ключевые слова: delayed, luminescence, optical indicator, ultraweak detection system, tobacco quality
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