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Январь 2014 № 1(81)

Performance Evaluation of an optical network based on Optical Cross Add Drop Multiplexer Оценка характеристик оптической сети связи на базе оптических кросс-коммутаторов со спектральным мультиплексированием

Санйеев Д., Калер Р. .

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In this paper, the transmission performance of 4x10 Gbps wavelength division multiplexing system using optical cross add and drop multiplexer (OXADM) with 0.1 nm channel spacing has been demonstrated and the effect of insertion loss, attenuation and crosstalk has been investigated. It is found that the signal can be transmitted with acceptable BER up to 85 km without amplification at insertion loss 6dB with an attenuation of 50 dB. In addition, it is also observed that the system provides acceptable performance with maximum crosstalk of -35 dB at an insertion loss of 70 dB and 6 dB attenuation for the same distance. We show improvement in transmission distance at high bit rates and reduced channel spacing.
Ключевые слова: Optical Cross Add and Drop Multiplexer (OXADM), BER, Crosstalk, Insertion loss, Attenuation
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