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Январь 2014 № 1(81)

Analysis of Fabrication Tolerance Based on Uneven Thickness of Su8-photo-resist

Куинг Т., Фенггуанг Л., Йинхинг Ж., Бингченг М., Руи Ж., Дандан М., Хиаохинг П., Куианлианг Л.

In this paper, we have analyzed the relationship between light propagation performance and uneven thickness of Su8-photo-resist based on EOPCB. Although spinning process is used to even the Su8-photo-resist, the obtained Su8-photo-resist is uneven, which directly affect cross-section shape of core layer. As long as we control h e [0,3 mm] and a, b e [0,2 mm], light propagation performance does not affected. But, it is easy to actually fabricate EOPCB.
Ключевые слова: Spinning process, EOPCB, Polymer optical waveguide
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