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Январь 2014 № 1(81)

Ultraviolet Excimer Radiation from Nonequilibrium Gas Discharges and its Application in Photophysics, Photochemistry and Photobiology

Когелсчатз У.

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Narrowband UV and VUV excimer radiation can be generated in a variety of nonequilibrium gas discharges: dielectric barrier discharges, microhollow cathode discharges, arrays of microplasmas, corona discharges. Excimer lamps (excilamps) are now available for a large number of wavelengths and in various geometrical shapes. The availability of nearly monochromatic photon fluxes ranging in energy up to 15 eV resulted in a number of innovative photo-induced processes in photophysics, photochemistry and photobiology. This report focuses on progress made in the last decade.
Ключевые слова:  ultraviolet radiation, excimer fluorescence, photochemistry, materials processing, pollution control, phototherapy
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